People will tell you that a star blew up, and hereby and bla-bla-bla the world was invented. But hear me out, this is the old Public School Rubbish that all people believe. what really happened was that a bubble blew up. Not a star in a supernova, a bubble in what has become known to many people as a Hubnova (Hub·nov·a, noun, astronomy: when the great bubble known as Hub, exploded, creating the universe we know.) And his son FlubberButt Bill flew down to Earth and created man. And our heroes and Earth was invented.


So while man was searching for their existence, someone anonymous form wrote in a letter that he had discovered how the world was really made, the quote went like this (1372, Nice, France):

“I was sitting at my table, when all of a sudden I felt bubbles popping everywhere, and I achieved nirvana right then.”

And that was finally figured out by our good friends later on. A small community in Brooklyn, NY. That now believes in Hub once again.