The Day the Gods Met

It started on one Saturday evening. Hub was eating a big bowl of spaghetti on a bench at the park (it was spaghettios, actually). The Flying Spaghetti Monster flew up to Hub and said, “Hey, what the hell are you doing?”

Hub replied, “Eating spaghetti.”

“You’re eating my children! You don’t see me eating bubbles, do you?!”

“Well, suck, I’m hungry.”

Flying Spaghetti Monster swore, “For the motherland!” and charged at Hub.

In reaction, Hub farted his deadly bubble farts. FSM said yet again, “For the motherland” and charged at Hub yet again and started throwing his meatballs at him.

Ganesh came in and sat on the two gods. But unfortunately he got a heart attack from the smell of fart bubbles and meatballs and died (despite being immortal).

The Sphinx came from the nearby playground sandbox, and they tried to kill Hub. Jesus was nearby and saw the fighting. Everyone stopped and ganged up on Jesus. Passerbyers exclaimed, “Oh Jesus!”

Just then some Kidz Bop kids came strolling by singing God’s Plan. Hub stopped and said, “Oh, I’ll show you god’s plan.” All of the gods stopped fighting each other and started beating up the kids. Kidz Bop then became Killed Bop.

Then everyone became friends. And they all sang Kumbaya together.

The End