Hub Day 2021

Hub Day

March 11, 2021

10am – noon

Prospect Park Picnic House

Hub Day is the annual spring celebration of Hubbism, the religion that believes that a giant pink bubble named Hub farted the universe into existence. Hub sent their son Flubberbutt Bill down to earth to bring us gum and pink lemonade. The evil Zlinky haunts us all and has created hell in the basement of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. And this year, we have a special guest star, the Ketchup God (because one can never have too many confusing characters in their religion).

Please bring your own picnic blanket. We will be asking people to place picnic blankets 6 feet apart so that we can socially distance and enjoy the Bubble together.

The event schedule goes something like this:

  • A Reading from the Bibley, the holy text of Hubbism (by Charlie)
  • Hub Inductions, a pink lemonade baptism for new members (by Oliver)
  • Pin the Wings of the Ketchup God (by Bea, Zoe, and Sasha)
  • A Celebration of Lid Gum, you know, gum you stick to a lid to save it for later (by Charlie)
  • The Joe Leonard Prayer, our thoughts for a stolen hockey puck (by James)
  • Bible Blackout Poetry (by Shaylem)
  • Finger Knitting (by Nadine)
  • Who Can Blow the Biggest (socially distant) Bubble (all)
  • 28.5 Seconds of Silence for Hubcaps Lost on Highways (by James)
  • The Popping of Flubberbutt Bill, a sock puppet play for small children (by Marisol)
  • A Nut Chuckling Ceremony, I’m not sure what this is (by Charlie)
  • A Hub Sing-a-long (by Charlie and Oliver)
  • A Dance Party (all)


Donut holes, pink donuts, pink lemonade, and ketchup packets will be served while supplies last.