Flubberbutt Bill

A story of Flubberbuttbill

Once upon a time, Hub and Flubberbuttbill took a nap. And in their absence, the world fell ill! The sick Hubbists called, “Save us Hub! Save us Hub!” But their calls went unanswered. when Flubberbuttbill woke up, he saw the world in Ruin! “Oh whatever shall i do! Flubberbutt said. “I shall wake Hub” He

Hubism Hats

First you have your pompadours then your top hats and last but not least BUBBLE HATS GET THEM TODAY AT www.bubblehats.com the bubble hat was given too us by our lord and savior HUB. he was in a very good mood and thought: “i should give something to my followers!” so he went BLIPBLIPBLIPBLIP (bubble


THE CREATION AND INTRODUCTION OF HUB   People will tell you that a star blew up, and hereby and bla-bla-bla the world was invented. But hear me out, this is the old Public School Rubbish that all people believe. what really happened was that a bubble blew up. Not a star in a supernova, a