HUB DAY: The Day of the Bubble

Today was the holy day of Hubbists. Hubbism is the belief that the world was created by Hub the bubble. All believers congregated in Prospect Park by the picnic house and rejoiced with bubble gum, donuts, and pink lemonade.

Hub Day 2021

Hub Day March 11, 2021 10am – noon Prospect Park Picnic House Hub Day is the annual spring celebration of Hubbism, the religion that believes that a giant pink bubble named Hub farted the universe into existence. Hub sent their son Flubberbutt Bill down to earth to bring us gum and pink lemonade. The evil

The 11.5 Commandments + 1 + 1

1. Thou shalt not pop Bubbles. 2. Thou shalt not be burned at steak if vegan or vegetarian. 3. Thou shalt blow Bubbles. 4. Thou shalt reprimand (beat with stick) anyone who pops a Bubble. 5. Thou shalt only drink Pink Lemonade on the Holy Days of Hub. 6. Thou shalt celebrate the day of

The Day the Gods Met

It started on one Saturday evening. Hub was eating a big bowl of spaghetti on a bench at the park (it was spaghettios, actually). The Flying Spaghetti Monster flew up to Hub and said, “Hey, what the hell are you doing?”